Monday, November 21, 2005

Hurricane Emily & more poker
Yea, we were on Padre for our annual beach vacation when Cat 2 Emily came ashore 75 miles to our south. We lost power for 12 hours but other than that and rough seas that kept us out of the ocean a couple of days we were fine. We almost vacated but made an 11th hour decision to ride it out a block from the surf in our old rented beach house.

When I don't feel like playing cash games I waste some time with sit n gos. Some people play these exclusively but most successful online players grind it out in the cash games. Breaks are good because 'grinding it out' poker can drive you insane on your way to building a nest egg. Seriously.

3 $6 tourneys

2 $6 tourneys

2 $6 tourneys and then 1 2nd place in an $11 tourney. Almost took it down. Oh well.

$6 tourney on pp and +7.03 on ps since my last cashout there

3 $5.25 heads up matches

MTT private tourney went out with 17 outs


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