Thursday, November 17, 2005

Worst week yet

4 $1/2 905 1105p Monday and then 1 $2/4 bb. Got down 100 on the 1/2 tables and fought back to 35 down and then won 63 on 1 bb table in 30 hands.

2 $1/2 330p 500p Tuesday badbeats horrible multiple times

1 $3/6 645p 700p Tuesday followed my fish there and watched and saw how bad 3 people were playing. Never got a chance to bust them but played well and finished up so all is well.

2 $2/4 bb 1010p 1150p killed one table for 184 and was down 30 on another. Had sat at 2 others and was up on both before getting badbeats. Played well. Had super long periods of no cards and then would rush for 3 big pots. Great fun. Raising with KQo preflop helped 3 times at least.

2 $.5/1 805a 905a for fun and to work on my game - played tight and well.

2 $.5/1 700p 750p trying to be more aggressive and thought it would be smart to try it out at lower levels. It's working beautifully.

lost an amazing $50.01 on 3 .5/$1 tables. Too aggressive I think. Lost $8 on 1 $2/4 bb. Was down 60 before fighting my way back on that one.

3 $.5/$1 was up $20 early and then lost almost all back. VERY frustrating. AA got cracked twice - once for a $20 pot on the river. Ouch.

3 $.5/$1 1045p 1130p Thurs won an amazing $57 in 45 minutes.

1 $2/4 bb & 1 $.5/1 805p 905p .5/1 stayed for 10 hands - enough for my AA to get cracked by a guy cold called 2 bets preflop with 78o so I quit down 14.5 to concentrate on 2/4 table.

3 $.5/1 won 4.38 on 1st table, 1.25 on 2nd and lost 61.25 on 3 river beats to a maniac that drove me CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZYYYY!

1 $.5/1 sitting by rangertx again to try and recoupe some of my losses. $34 pot when to a flush (I had straight)

2 $2/4 bb 500p 615p had another maniac to deal with. Took the worst beating of cards I can remember on the other 2/4 table. Got down 180 before working back to up 20 total. I was constantly flopping 2 pair to get beat by sets, my sets losing to straights or flushes. It was quite amazing and then turned it around in like 4 minutes with an amazing rush of cards then took a terrible beat on a set of 4s losing to a 107o and 75o straight. Crazy session and quite stressful.

2 $2/4 bb & 1 .5/1 table. Lost 23.75 on .5/1 and played 1 bb table for only 15 minutes. Lost $44 pot with AK against 65 sooted that flopped 2 pair. I got K on turn and reraised of course. Lost a $34 pot with 88 versus 99. *sigh* some days it's amazing the bad luck. it continues. K10s versus QQ. KQK comes on the turn. ouch again. $54 pot. and again $52 - set of 2s flopped versus set of K's flopped that didn't reraise until the river. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get nut straight on turn with 2 callers and check and they check behind me! bet out and they both fold on river. wow! again. 2 pair on the turn got beat by a set on the flop. luckily for me a 2nd ace came on the river. so I got scared. Won 1 good pot in 2 hours with AA $70.50 net or it would've been much worse. That's poker, huh?

+$105.31 on the week. What a way to close. $1,275.85 bankroll now.


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