Monday, November 21, 2005

Wow. 3 handed at 2/4 is a bad idea with a $2400 roll

At least it is for me.

3 2/4 bb 955p 1035p quick session. Didn't push a couple of hands that I should've or I would've made 12 or 16 more dollars at least.

3 2/4 bb 1100p 1230a made a huge mistake in playing a short handed game when table was about to break. 3 handed I lost 160 bucks. Tough beats accounted for rest but playing 3 handed I was extremely unlucky. I obviously don't have the bankroll yet for 3 handed games. duh. Lesson learned.

3 2/4 bb 510p 810p was up 150 almost all of session then got up over 200 a couple of times. Last hour was horrible. My fullboat lost to ROYAL FLUSH then 3 hands later lost 76$ on river to 4 outer. Wow. Many badbeats on river but I played pretty well and did ok. Got a little unlucky to not make much more. Oh well. It's good to get back on the horse and ride that baby.

$2,324.18 -$101.25. Actually feels ok to be down only $101 on the week considering that $280 night.


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