Monday, November 21, 2005

The other side of variance

3 2/4 bb tables. 700p 100p Within 15 minutes I was down 120. No jopke. River beats. Fought back for 2 hours to get up and then went up 55 before settling down at 18. Was down 180 at one point 45 minutes in. Horror show for a while.

3 2/4 bb tables 640p 750p. Played well and made a big pot when someone pushed A hi straight on a paired board.

4 .1/.25 NL tables 1005p 1145p just screwing around. A little too stressful for my tastes.

3 2/4 bb tables 810p 1050p. Got up 110 in 3 minutes! Stayed there or a little above then drifted down and eventually went down 30 on some badbeats and worked it back up in the last hour or so. First hour ok, 2nd hour horrible, last 45 minutes excellent.

$2,425.43 +$260.93 on the week.


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