Monday, November 21, 2005

Worst downswing -sometimes the cards spit in your face

130p 300p 5 .25/.5 lost $26 so I went over to the 1/2 NL and prompty lost 55 more with QQ on a 99A flop. Whoops. Kept playing and only lost 15 at NL. Good. Then played 30 minutes of 6 handed .5/1 and made 33 back to finish 7 down on the session. Whew.

700p 820p 5 .5/1. Played good and had great cards against some bad players.

815p 1015p played well - was up 30+ most of the time but took a couple of badbeats - AA got cracked by rivered straight in $15 pot.

represents activity from 5/15 to 5/30 between bonus clearing. Mostly .05/.10 30 minute sessions but a couple of .05/.10 NL sessions later

645p 815p 4 .5/1 great tables and plenty o badbeats

1000p 100a 4 .5/1 great tables and unbelievable badbeats. Was playing on tilt a little for first 45 minutes but corrected that to get back to only 8 down only to go on another run of terrible luck. Oh well, that's poker. Sometimes the bad players overwhelm you. I did get paid off with my great hands usually but it was too rare that I actually got hands.

645p 745p 4 .5/1 amazing downswing. The worst luck. Flopped sets and trips on turn were just traps with one exception. (1 for 5) Flushes never came. Up against flopped A hi flushes AT THE SAME TIME on 2 tables. Crazy. Played well just can't beat the cards right now. Good time for our Dallas trip and a Nascar truck race for my 5 year-old boy.

BONUS comes at a good time to offset 129BB downswing (my worst)

2 .5/1 got frustrated with the continuous badbeats of the last 2 days so I went to the 2/4 bb tables

3 2/4 bb tables. Amazingly bad badbeats for 90 minutes with a rush of cards for 5 minutes and then a great rush at the end for 15 minutes to come back. Was down much more - probably 200ish. Probably bluffed a little too much and then the brutal badbeats took too much aggression out of me. I just knew I was beat on a scary board. It's mind numbing after awhile when your great hands get cracked again and again and again again.

$2,164.50 +$77.76. Pretty horrible short week considering that includes a $150 bonus.


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